Alba Building (San Borja District)

Modern apartment building consisting of 8 floors located in a upscale area of San Borja with 48 apartments and 92 underground parking places. It has a spacious lobby with a reception area and children's play room with direct connection to the indoor garden. The building has 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with various views.

  • Duration: From May 10, 2012 to present date.
  • Address: Corner of Av. Jose Galvez Barrenechea with Calle 51, San Borja district.
  • Area: 1,170 m2.
  • Built area delivered: 9,560 m2.
  • Status: In Construction and Sale.

The project is being financed by HSBC Bank and developed in partnership with the Real Estate and Construction company Marcan. For more information please visit: